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We are delighted that you are interested in sending your child to Comber Grove Primary School!

Open days for Reception places starting in September 2020 are at 9.30am on: Thursday 21st November 2019, Wednesday 11th December 2019 and Thursday 9th January 2020. Come and share a cup of tea with our parents and meet Ms Bowmer. 

Please call the school office on 0207 703 4168 to book a place. 


We look forward to seeing you!



We follow the admissions procedure as set out by Southwark Admissions for children of reception, infant and junior ages. All applications must be made through them at

Applications for our Nursery are managed by the school.  Please contact us directly on 0207 703 4168.


All Admissions are made in accordance with the Schools Admissions Code, which ensures that school places are allocated in an open and fair way. You can read the guidance here


Places are allocated by taking into account:

 - Looked after children and all previously looked after children

 - Children who have siblings attending the school at the time of entry

 - Children who have a specific social/ medical or psychological need which the school can meet ( supported by the professional advice of  the relevant professional as to why the school is necessary and agreed by the Headteacher)

 - The child living nearest to the school, measured from the front door of the home along the shortest and safest walking route to the school's main gate.


For more information on how places were allocated at Southwark Community Schools for September 2018, see the Community Primary Schools Place Allocations by Criteria Table. Please click here.


For children due to start Reception in September 2018, the deadline for applications has now passed and you should contact Southwark school admissions on 0207 525 5337


Information about 'in year applications' for Reception to Y6 children can be found below


Please see full details of our admission arrangements below.













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