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The Curriculum At Comber Grove Primary


A high quality of education is at the forefront of everything we do here at Comber Grove.


Our intent is that every child reaches and exceeds their full potential. We want children to leave our school equipped with both knowledge and 21st century skills to be successful in life.


We implement this through:

Recovery Curriculum

We have been thinking about what a curriculum might look like for children in this next phase of school and have used some guidance from educational research to help us with this. We will be implementing for this period and into next term a “recovery curriculum” which acknowledges that there have been big losses to children as they have stayed at home and that these losses can contribute to pupil’s mental health with anxiety, trauma and bereavement playing a large role. Children will perhaps have experienced these aspects all at once and in a sudden and unplanned fashion which can leave children feeling vulnerable. Equally whether we have intended to or not, children will be have been exposed to adults who are anxious and may not be acting in their normal way or maintaining the normal routines which they are used to.