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We understand that this is an extremely challenging time, and that lots of parents/carers are juggling Remote Education, working from home, being a parent and many other challenges. You're doing great.


We are here to support you in whatever way we can and we want to know how we are doing so we can continue to improve our provision.


Let us know by clicking here: How are we doing? Parent/Carer Survey 



When surveyed on 15th January, we were thrilled with the results. Here are some of the feedback comments we received:


"Staff give effective communication."

"I am impressed with the support and engagement with the pupil and parents."

"Creative activities and not too overwhelming work."

"Loaning of chromebooks has really helped my family."

"The help that is available to parents has been so good and also the commitment from the teachers."

"I was impressed by the communication and the speed of the help they give to the children"

"Writing and reading challenges have been great!"

"Really enjoying the tasks. They are always posted and easy to access/understand. The workload is not overwhelming and the loom videos/slides are self explanatory! WELL DONE TEACHERS & SUPPORT STAFF!"

"Communication and level of interaction is so good."