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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to our amazing school.  Comber Grove Primary School is a fantastic school which serves a diverse community that we are proud of.  Our Mission is make sure our pupils are equipped for a successful future.  Come and visit and you will see us reaching high standards academically, socially and creatively.




Our School Values represent who we are and what we are striving for as a whole school community.  The values have been chosen by our pupils, parents and staff and we are proud of them.  They are:


Community - We are a community of pupils, parents and staff.  We work together to push for the absolute best in everything we do.  We use our 'Class Dojo' platform to keep our online connection going even when school .  


Pride - At Comber Grove School we show pride in who we are, pride in where we came from and pride in where we are going.  We show pride in the being the best we can be.


Empathy - We learn how to understand the experiences and feelings of others so that we can work together as a community with kindness and respect.


Happiness - When we are happy we can truly learn.  We promote well being for all  and value welfare before anything else.


Individuality - Everyone is unique and we embrace and develop the things which makes us, us.


Creativity - Creativity makes the world a better, more beautiful, more friendly place. We foster creativity: creative thinking and creative arts!



We can't wait to meet you!


Sarah Bowmer