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You can have a huge impact on children's learning by supporting your child to read at home. Children are expected to read daily and to login and play Times Table Rockstars (year 2 to 4) or Prodigy (year 5 and 6) several times per week.


Other home learning tasks are set through ClassDojo. These may be creative projects or research tasks related to what the children are in class or additional practice for any skills they are finding tricky. Scroll down to learn more about how you can support children at home and how to connect with ClassDojo.





ClassDojo is a wonderful website which we use for the following reasons:

1. We praise children with positive behaviour points.

2. We use it to set Homework each week.

3. In the case of school closing, we use it for Remote Learning.

4. Sharing key information and good news.


It is extremely important that you connect with your child/ren's class. 


If you are not sure about how to use it, watch the videos below and/or speak to your child's teacher.

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