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Attendance Matters


Improving attendance at Comber Grove Primary School is the responsibility of everyone in the school community; parents,  pupils and all of the staff.


Aim for 100%!


At Comber Grove we know that good attendance is the key to successful schooling and we believe our pupils can be amongst the best!


Although we aim for 100% attendance, each year we set a target for attendance & this is used to compare us to other schools nationally.


Our target is 97% attendance.


Attending school every day will help give your child the best possible start in life. Going to school every day means:


 learning new skills

 making friends

 having lots of fun

 building lasting relationships

 taking part in exciting activities

You can help us to help your child by encouraging regular school attendance.


Regular attendance helps children to develop their confidence and to make and keep lasting friendships.



It is acknowledged that a great majority of our families ensure that their children attend school regularly. Thank you!

Let’s work together to achieve consistently high attendance. There are only 190 school days in a year and we want to see every child at school every day because every school day counts!


  • Pupils arriving at School 15 minutes after their start time, will be registered  and walked to class. They will be marked as "LATE" in the register and this is unauthorised.

  • Pupils who arrive at school after 9.30am are marked as “U” in the register which means they are marked absent for the whole morning session and it is unauthorised.

  • If a child is absent from School, for any reason, parents should inform the School Office by 10.00am on the first day of absence and provide an explanation as to why their child is absent. The School Office opens at 8am, and can be contacted by telephone on 020 7703 4168

  • If the Office has not heard directly from a parent/carer by 10am, a call will be made to establish the reason for absence.

  • If a child does not return to School within three days, or if a child is absent at the start of a new week (ie, away Friday and then on the following Monday), a further telephone call should be made to the Office to update the School as to the child's progress.

  • Parents should make every effort to avoid arranging medical/dental appointments during school hours.

  • Parents should not arrange term-time holidays and should not expect leave of absence for the purpose of a holiday to be granted as a right.

  • No holidays will be granted/authorised during term time unless in exceptional circumstances. We will only consider the request if your child’s attendance is above 95%.


We are forever seeking to improve the attendance of children of families who continue to take term time holidays or who book optician appointments or dental appointments in school time, or who do not make arrangements for children to attend school if a family member is ill. Remember - every half day counts!


Please do not make travel arrangements or book tickets until the school has authorised the leave. If leave is taken without prior permission from the school, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised and reported to the Local Authority and could result in a fixed penalty fine or legal proceedings.


Good attendance and satisfactory attendance:

99%= not more than 2 days a year absent
98% = not more than 4 days a year absent
97% = not more than 6 days a year absent
96% = not more than 8 days a year absent
95% = not more than 10 days a year absent
94% = not more than 11 days a year absent.

Attendance that is worrying and of serious concern:

90% = 19 days absence a year - worrying and requires close monitoring.


Any child with below 90% attendance will need to bring evidence to back up any further sickness absences. The Educational welfare officer is given the details of all these children and will request to meet with the parents to discuss how to improve their attendance.













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