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Managing Feelings and Behaviour

Managing Feelings and Behaviour


What this area will help children to learn?

We will be supporting pupils to understand their emotions and feelings and begin to process the experiences they have had. We will support pupils to relearn some positive behaviour which they may have forgotten being outside of the school environment and to engage with self-regulation strategies and tools which help me to feel safe and calm. We will support pupils to understand the world we live in with tools and strategies to help them process what is different and what we can do to help.


What that may look like?

There will be clear routines which are supported by visuals and clear communication which may include use of visual timetables so pupils know what is happening each day and at each part of the day. Some structures and boundaries may be different in school because of social distancing and processes related to this so some tools we will use are social stories and use of visuals to guide and support.


The structure will be supportive and provide opportunities within this that enables and allows pupils to express themselves and express the experiences they have had whilst they were not at school. We will do this by being clear with boundaries and using therapeutic approaches to supporting behaviour and emotions. We will also be using therapeutic tools to support pupils in communicating with us such as building in regular circle time, therapeutic play times, tools like sunshine circles and use of comic strip conversations.


There will be regular sessions where we explore and express emotions through PSHE and mindfulness sessions to open up discussions about emotions and circle time which will support pupils to explore their feelings as well as modelling processing and talking about feelings and emotions linked to this experience.

There will be regular opportunities for pupils to engage in self – regulation activities such as with brain breaks, and use of resources which support individuals. In addition there will be lots of opportunities for pupils to practice their communication so that they are able to feel like they have a voice and are able to express their wants and needs.

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