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Mental Health In Isolation

Mental Health During Self-Isolation


We understand that this is a difficult time for all, and we want you to know that even though your child may not be in school, and we may not see you on the school gate, we still care deeply about your children and your mental health. 


Here are some ways to keep your minds healthy:


- Talk to your children. 


We have done a lot of work surrounding the coronavirus at school, so that children are informed on how to stay fit and healthy andnot panic. Continue to speak to your children at home about it.

Ask them how they're feeling and why.

You could even write a family diary together - who knows, it could end up in a history book a few years from now!


- Keep active


You don't need to leave your house to keep fit. We will be posting lots of fitness videos on our Remote Learning site, ClassDojo. But also you could be using fitness or dance videos from Youtube or other video sites. 

Challenge yourselves to see if you can do at least one period of exercise per day. 


- Keep a Positive Attitude/Growth Mindset


Try and see the positives in what is happening. It is an opportunity to develop resilience and grow skills that you may have had the opportunity to develop before, such as using ICT or reading books.


On ClassDojo, there are a number of Growth Mindset videos which you can watch with your children and talk about.


- We are still here!


We are at the other end of the phone (or ClassDojo messaging system) if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or have a question with the children's learning. Safeguarding our families is our highest priority and we want you to know that even though you may not see our faces, we are still here for you.