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Moral Development

Developing Moral Identities


Moral development involves children acquiring an understanding of the difference between right and wrong and of moral conflict, a concern for others and the will to do what is right. They are able and willing to reflect on the consequences of their actions and learn how to forgive themselves and others. They develop the knowledge, skills and understanding, qualities and attitudes they need in order to make responsible moral decisions and act on them.


  • We provide a clear moral code as a basis for behaviour which is promoted consistently through all aspects of the school through our School Values.
  • We promote measures to prevent discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age and other criteria.
  • We encourage students to take responsibility for their actions; for example, respect for property, care of the environment, and developing codes of behaviour.
  • We provide models of moral development through our curriculum and embedded into our Assembly Timetable.