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Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,



Comber Grove School Opens on Friday 4th September!


Dear Parents,


I am so happy to write to you to say that we are finally back.  It is safe for all children to return to school.  To ensure we are keeping the children in ‘bubbles’ we have staggered the start and finish times so that the groups do not mix.  Please see your child’s start and finish times under the parents tab of this website.  If you have more than one child at school, please drop off your children at the time of the earliest start and pick up at the latest time.  We will keep the other child safe until that time because we have created a sibling waiting area with activities in the Middle Hall. 


Please also note that Nursery and Reception do not start on Friday.  We will write to you separately after we have completed online ‘home visits’.


Below are some points to know about school opening:

  1. All break and lunchtimes will be in bubbles only
  2. Pupils will eat lunch in classrooms using carefully prepared individual boxes
  3. Classrooms will be as socially distanced as possible
  4. Pupils wear uniform as normal 
  5. Children of primary age do not need to weak masks
  6. Staff will socially distance from pupils where possible
  7. Pupils will socially distance from each other where possible
  8. There will be no whole school assemblies.  Instead we will go digital!


I am sure you will have many questions.  Sarah Wordlaw, Sarita Batchelor and myself will be on the gate to support you and welcome the children back on Friday.  Unfortunately parents cannot come into the building without an appointment under the circumstances.  This includes not entering the playground during drop-off and pick up.  This system is there to keep everyone safe.  If you have any comments or concerns, please get in touch using:



Telephone: (8am – 4pm) 0207 703 4168

Class Dojo Message



We look forward to welcoming you all back!  We have missed you!


See you on Friday morning.


S Bowmer


Sarah Bowmer