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February Half Term Letter

Friday 14th February 2020

February Half Term 2020


Dear Parents / Carers,


Happy February Half Term us all at Comber Grove Primary School.  We hope you have all have a relaxing and safe Holiday.


Thank you for donating £1 on our ‘Own Clothes Day’ today.  We have an Own Clothes Day on the last day of every term and half term and we invite you to donate £1.  This money goes into our school fund which we then spend on the children.  Most recently we bought new equipment for the playground.  Thank you for your help.


A few things have been brought to my attention by yourselves and I would like to give clarity on what we are doing about them!


Some of you have requested that we have a wider range of afterschool activities.  We are more than happy to provide this however there will be a cost attached.  Many schools charge upwards of £5 a session and we have tried to keep the cost down to £2.  I will send another letter after half term to find out what you would like to see and what you would be prepared to pay.


In the mornings, please see myself or Ms Wordlaw if you would like a meeting with one of our class teachers.  We can then set up the meeting with undisturbed time.  If you prefer to email us, please go to the contact page on the school website.


The Early Years Team run a Family Reading Friday every Friday morning where parents can come into school and read with their child.  We will be launching this across the school in every year group after the half term.  I will write to you again on the first day back with more details.


If you would like to see what your child is eating, please check out the latest menu on or website under Parents/Lunch Menus.  The menu will change again on 2nd March 2020.


For all term dates and school holidays for this year and next, please see the website under Parents/Term Dates.


I have huge concerns about the traffic and the road outside the school.  I have contacted the council several times to explain that we need a lollipop person or a safe crossing system.  I have been informed that the road markings will be repainted and speed humps created, however we need more.  The children have written to the council but now we need your help.  After the half term, I will set up a petition which I will ask you to sign to get the council to take swift action.


The school office is open from 8am until 4:30pm.  The expectation is that the office has staff present throughout these hours.  Sometimes both staff are on the phone which is why the phone can ring.  We are looking to upgrade our answerphone / call queue system to prevent parents from having to wait. 


Over the Summer, the school office will move downstairs, which will solve many problems for you – no more stairs!  We will be introducing a new system for the end of clubs at 4:15pm to prevent parents having to ring on the buzzer, waiting for the gate to open.


Please feel confident to either use our suggestion box (in the office), email the school, speak to us or approach Mr Lee Strong, our Parent Governor if you have any concerns or queries.  We really want to do the best we possibly can for you.  We would like another Parent Governor, so please see myself or Lee if you are interested.  We would love your help!


We will be launching new workshops and ideas to increase your engagement with us over the next two terms.  Thank you to those who have attended the fitness sessions!  Long may they continue.  If you have any ideas regarding what you would like to see at the school, do let us know.


School re-opens on Monday 24th February 2020 at 08:55 – see you then.


Have a wonderful break and look after yourselves.


Thank you for your continued support,


S Bowmer


Sarah Bowmer