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Dear Parents, Carers and Families,


I am writing to inform you of a number of staff changes which will take effect after the Summer holiday.  We are sad to say goodbye to staff that are moving on however we wish them lots of luck and success for the future.


Our much loved secretary, Mrs Sandra Quilter is retiring after 22 years at Comber Grove Primary School.  Mrs Quilter has always been the heart of Comber Grove.  She has taken thousands of calls, sorted plenty of bumped heads and knees and has been a kind supportive colleague to all of the staff past and present.  She will be sadly missed by staff, the pupils and the families of the school.  


Frances Grist, one of our Higher Level Teaching Assistants will be leaving us after 21 years.  We wish her well and thank her for all of those years of supporting Year 6 and for her creative art lessons across the school.


Another of our Higher level Teaching Assistants, Debbie Donovan, will be retiring to move to Ramsgate after 20 years.  Her passion for supporting our most vulnerable pupils will be missed and we are grateful for her flexibility at covering classes across the school, often with only a few seconds notice.  Thank you Debbie!


Donna Valentine will be moving on after 19 years as a teaching assistant at Comber Grove.  Her hard work and nurture given to the pupils in Key Stage 1 will be remembered for years to come.


Josie Cole is a one to one teaching assistant who has given the school 19 years of service.  We thank her for her hard work and dedication to the school and our children.  You will be missed Josie!


Harriet Hernandez has given Comber Grove 18 years of her time.  She has designed and made the outfits for many a stage performance and will be remembered by hundreds of children for teaching them how to sew everything from Christmas stockings to bags.  Thank you Harriet.  


Lynne Grant will be leaving us after 17 years of service to the school.  She has such a wonderful way with our children and she will be greatly missed.


Sultana Ahmed, a nursery nurse at Comber Grove will be leaving us after 15 years.  We thank her for all of the care and support she has given our children over the years.


Des Torpey, our Year 6 teacher who has been with us 6 years will be moving on to a new school.  We will all miss his calm and dedicatedapproach with the children.  


Rosa Brackley, our current Reception teacher will be moving on to pastures new after 6 years.  We thank her for always putting our children first and her compassionate approach to her teaching.


We also say goodbye to Jane Carry, who has worked sensitively with the pupils that she supports.  The EYFS team and pupils will miss her greatly and we wish her the best of luck.


Steve Whicher, one of our one to one support teaching assistants is leaving us after 6 years to take up a role abroad.  We thank him for his hard work over this time and we wish him bon voyage!


Ellie Wake – Walker, our current Year 1 teacher will be leaving us.  We thank her for the hard word she has put in with our Year 1 pupils over the last year.


To all of our staff that are leaving us - we will miss them all and wish them continued success and happiness.  They have been a fantastic support across the school and we thank them wholeheartedly for their efforts with our pupils.


Thinking forward to September, Miss Charlotte Hunter will be joining us to teach Year 5 and Mr Gareth Mohen will also be joining the team teaching in Year 6– welcome!  Ms Tracy Kelly stepped in this year to cover Almeida class and has made fantastic relationships with the pupils in her class.  She will continue to teach at Comber Grove next year.


We also say a teary goodbye to our amazing Year 6 pupils.  It is an exciting time for them as they look forward to joining secondary school.  We wish you luck, we will miss you and WELL DONE! 


Finally, I would to thank everyone for their continued support of the school.  The pupils, staff and parents have provided the school with overwhelming support and I am unconditionally proud of our children and community.  It is the school’s vision to support every pupil to succeed as we look forward to the academic year 2019 – 20.


A polite reminder that pupils finish at 2pm on Thursday 18th July 2019and return on Tuesday 3rd September 2019 at 08:55am. 


Have a wonderful summer holiday!  


With Warmest Wishes,



Sarah Bowmer