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Letter to Parents answering Queries

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Dear Parents,


I would like to write to you to thank you for your patience and understanding whilst we have moved to staggered start and finish times for each group of children.  We hope you have been able to adapt to this very different way of working and we aim to support you as much as we can.   I would like to make clear to you that this staggered timing system is an expectation for all schools across the country and it is something we cannot avoid.  Please bring your child on time for their bubble so that they do not mix with other groups.  The times are on our website and outside our school gates.


A few queries have been brought to my attention which I will aim to explain below:


Staggered playtimes and lunchtimes are carefully timetabled so that there is full supervision at all times.  The playtimes are actually more fun for the children because they have far more space.  The children get to play, dance and play sport.  Please check our Twitter feed to see some of the activities in action…@ComberGrove


While I completely understand that some of you are finding it difficult not being able to enter the school at the moment, we are following the guidance from the Local Authority and Department of Education in order to keep you and your children safe.  Please telephone and email your queries and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  Teachers are also available at the gate at the end of each school day.  It is best to try not to ask teachers questions in the morning because they are concentrating on looking after your children.


Some parents have been questioning if the meat served is school is Halal.  We work with Harrisons catering company who serve many schools across the country.  All of the meat served in school is Halal.


I share your concern about motorbikes and cycles coming through the road blocks when parents are gathering.  I will write to the council to push for a complete closure.  I will also ask the Governing Body to respond to this in an official capacity.  I will keep you informed, but any action will not be immediate, so please be mindful when waiting with and for your child.


Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or our school office if you have any further queries or concerns.  I will write to you regularly with school information, answers to your queries and any changes.


For clarity, the recent Government changes to lockdown have made no further changes to school.  Please continue to send your child to school as normal.


Thanks for being an amazing school community.


See you on the gate,


S Bowmer