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Letter to Year 6 parents about pupils with a place returning on 15.6.20

Monday 8th June 2020


School Re-opening in June 2020 to Year 6 Bubbles


Dear Year 6 Parents,


I hope that you all remain safe and well.


Thank you for taking up a place for your child starting from Monday 15th June 2020 until Thursday 16th July 2020.  Only pupils who requested a place will be allowed to attend.  The children will be separated into 3 groups or ‘bubbles’.  To ensure that the pupils start at different times we are asking the Year 6 pupils to attend from 9:30am until 3pm.  Pupils will enter through the car park and there will be 2 metre distance lines to show you where to stand.  The video sent to your child’s portfolio on Class Dojo explains the bubbles to the children.  Parents may not enter the car park, playground or school.  If you need to talk to the school office please telephone 0207 703 4168.


In order for school to re-open, we have had to complete a site survey and ensure the following as listed below for your information:

  1. A risk assessment submitted to the Local Authority
  2. No pupils with a Coronavrus link will be able to attend the school during this period
  3. Pupils and staff must wash their hands regularly
  4. Cleaning must be completed more regularly
  5. Group sizes must be smaller (ours are a maximum of 7)


To ensure we have the highest standards of cleaning, we have made the decision that we will only be open for the Year 6 Bubbles from Monday until Thursday so that the school can be deep cleaned each Friday.  This means that school will be closed each Friday.


Please see the points below where we would hope to answer all of your queries:


  • Pupils do not need to wear school uniform however they must be able to engage in PE in their clothes comfortably
  • Pupils must attend at 9:30am sharp.  Late pupils will be sent home by the office
  • Pupils must be collected / leave sharply at 3pm.  Late pick-ups will result in the pupil losing their place
  • Year 6 pupils will be expected to Social distance – any deliberate breach of this will result in the child losing their place
  • Only the highest standards of behaviour must be adhered to for health and safety reasons.  If a pupil breaches this they will be sent home.  This includes deliberately coughing at another child etc.
  • Children must wash their hands regularly when instructed
  • The school will provide a Restorative Curriculum, continuing with ClassDojo remote learning, art activities for mental health and PE/Games for physical fitness
  • Pupils will be provided with a hot school lunch each day
  • Please see the Homeschool Agreement which must be adhered to in order that we can maintain the highest standard of safety possible


Thank you for your continued support and positivity.  Keep well, keep safe and we will see on Monday.


S Bowmer



We will…

Parents/Carers will…


  • Group children of the same year group into small groups, or “bubbles” of no more than 8 children
  • Provide Sanitation Stations
  • Provide a clean, safe environment for children to be in
  • Provide hand wash for children to wash their hands regularly
  • Mark all areas where children go with social distancing guidance
  • Provide a hot meal every day (Monday – Thursday) for every child
  • Call you immediately if:
  1. Your child displays COVID19 symptoms
  2. Another child in your child’s “bubble” shows COVID19 symptoms
  • Provide a RESTORATIVE CURRICULUM - children will completed work set on Class Dojo by the class teacher and in addition will take part in:
  1. Art activities - for mental health
  2. PE activities - for physical health
  • Will not have parents/carers on site to limit risk and keep families as safe as possible
  • Provide children will their own bum-bag with appropriate stationery to use in school (this will be clipped onto their chair at the end of each day)
  • Encourage parents and children to walk or cycle into school
  • If public transport is needed, please follow hygiene rules and social distancing


  • Drop off and collect children promptly at the given times. Start and finish times have been staggered with social distancing in mind. If you are running late, do not bring your child to school
  • Line up outside the school at your designated gate, maintaining 2m social distancing
  • Send children to school in trainers, PE kit and bring a spare old tshirt/shirt for children to paint in
  • Not send children in if showing COVID19 symptoms, has a rash, has swollen glands
  • Collect your child immediately if:
  1. Your child shows symptoms of COVID19
  2. A child in your child’s “bubble” shows symptoms of COVID19
  3. Your child is not acting in a safe way
  • Provide the school with up-to-date contact details
  • Provide a water bottle for your child

Children will…

The learning environment will…


  • Listen to instructions given by staff members the first time
  • Wash hands regularly
  • Put used tissues straight in the bin
  • Act in a safe way - no deliberate coughing on other children
  • Be kind and respectful to other children and staff
  • Stick to their “bubbles”
  • Ask permission to leave the classroom i.e. for toileting


  • Be disinfected, washed and hoovered daily
  • Have doors and handles sprayed and wiped daily
  • Have all touched services disinfected daily
  • Have all floors disinfected, mopped and hoovered daily
  • Have cleaners working longer hours each day
  • Have Sanitation Stations installed


Illness Protocol

Suspected COVID 19 Cases

If a child becomes ill in school…


  • Staff member to call SLT immediately SLT take child to designation Designated isolation area (DHT Office) to keep child until picked up PPE for adult supervising .
  • Child to sit on one chair- not to move around Supervising adult keep at 2m distance Ventilate room by opening windows
  • SLT member to phone family for immediate pick up Clean shared spaces used by child Give support/information letter to parents of ill child.
  • Advise to get tested and email address provided covid-19-getting-tested SLT to email both and LA advisor as soon as possible to inform and seek any further advice.
  • Following Southwark advice- no further action is required unless a positive test comes back.
  • Child must stay off school until results received.
  •  If results is positive then only the ‘bubble’ is required to self isolate for 14 days.
  • The other household members of that wider class/group do not need to self-isolate unless the child, young person or staff member they live with in that group subsequently develops symptoms.



If a child becomes symptomatic out of school...


  • Family told child should get tested.
  • Do not return to school until results received.
  • If result is positive then they must self isolate for 7 days and household for 14 days. Bubble then self isolates for 14 days.
  • SLT to email both and LA advisor Richard Hunter as soon as possible to inform and seek any further advice.