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Remote Learning Expectations

Remote Learning Expectations


Dear parent/carer,


As many of you know, due to the rising in the new strain of COVID19, school will be open only to children of critical workers and vulnerable families until Monday 18th January. This means that for most of you, your children will be working from home. We want to provide the best possible education we can for your children, so that they do not fall behind in their studies. Remote Learning Expectations


1. Children must login onto Zoom for their morning and afternoon registers. Your class teacher will share with you their Personal Meeting ID and passcode is comber.


2. Teachers will post Literacy, Maths and a creative task each day on ClassDojo. It is expected that children complete each task to the best of their ability, and post back to ClassDojo. When students login to ClassDojo, they will see their To Do List.




3. Teachers will make a note of who is completing their work each day. We will be in contact with you if work is not being submitted. We must work together to ensure your child is still learning at home. If we do not hear from you each day and work is not being submitted, we may have to pass this onto social services.


If you need any further information such as login details, you do not have access to a device for your child or adequate wifi, please contact the school office on 020 7703 4168 or email


Kind regards


Sarah Wordlaw,

Deputy Headteacher