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Year 6 Family Reading

Family Reading (and biscuits!)


Dear Parent/carer,


Reading is one of the most important gifts you can give to your child. On Wednesday mornings we will be holding Family Reading  in year 6. This is an opportunity to pop in for half an hour, between 9 and 9:30 to read with your child. We invite any family member over the age of 18.


We understand not everyone is a confident reader - you can simply come in and have a cup of something warm and listen to your child read if you are not confident to read yourself. It is also a great opportunity to learn strategies to support your child with reading.


We are trying to build a community of readers and you are a huge part of our school community.


You are valued!


Those family members who attend 4 sessions will receive a certificate for their contribution, be celebrated in a special assembly and a box of chocolates!


If you would like to chat further about it, please do not hesitate to talk to either myself or Miss O’Brien.


Let us know if you are interested so we can get enough biscuits in :)


Kind regards,


Sarah Wordlaw and Rosie OBrien


The Year 6 Team