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Year 6 Project Showcase

Year 6 Showcase

2pm Wednesday 12th February 2020



7th February 2020


Dear Parent/Carer,


Year 6 would love to share their hard work from this term with all their family and friends.


We will be holding a showcase to celebrate the children’s hard work; they have each chosen an area of work from this term’s PBL to present to you. They are excited about sharing their work on Judaism, Animal Rights, London Central Mosque and so much more!



Please join us so the students can share their hard work.


When:          Wednesday 12th February 2020

Time:             2.30pm

Where:           Year 6 Classrooms

What:             Project Based learning from this term




Thank you for your continued support this term.


Best wishes,


Ms O’Brien  and Ms Wordlaw

Year 6 Class Teachers