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Online Safety

Tips On How To Keep Your Children Safe


Prioritise safety

Teach children not to give out personal information, like their name, address, telephone number, or which school they go to.


Set parental controls.

Agree a list of websites your child is allowed to visit, and remember to check the minimum age limit on services like Facebook and YouTube.


Discuss their activity.

Take an interest in their online world. Talk to them about their favourite websites, videos, and their online friends.


Set boundaries.

Establish time limits for activities such as using the internet and games consoles. Make sure to set aside time for “unplugged” family activity.


Be open.

Let them know that they can tell you about anything that happens on the internet, and that you’ll listen without judgement.


Click the link below for more information on keeping your children safe online:

NSPCC Online Safety Info For Parents