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Our Curriculum Intent

The Curriculum At Comber Grove Primary

At Comber Grove, we know it is important that children see themselves, their heritage, their cultures, their religions reflected and taught. Not as a tokenistic celebration day or week, but weaved throughout the curriculum.


Our curriculum includes a well-rounded British history, including Black British history, British Asian history, women’s history, LGBTQIA+ history and role models from all of the above.


We teach social justice, sustainability, human rights and develop children’s voices and confidence to articulate and justify their thoughts. This development in children’s voices raises awareness and empowerment and promotes empathy.


We take inspiration from the United Nation's 17 Sustainability Goals - put in place to make the world a better place.



Our intent is that every child reaches to and beyond their potential. We want children to leave our school equipped with both knowledge and 21st century skills to be successful in life.


We implement this through our engaging, broad and balanced curriculum, entrenched in learning about and from current issues, social justice and being able to think critically about the world around us.


The impact of which is children leave Comber Grove as academically and creatively successful, highly articulate young citizens, ready to face an ever-changing world. 


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