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Our Geography Curriculum

Our Geography Curriculum


At Comber Grove, we are proud of the diverse Geography curriculum, entrenched in current issues and critical thinking.


Our Geography curriculum ensures that children learn about a broad range of geography covering perspectives from: different races, ethnicities, women's voices, disabilities, LGBTQIA+ voices and different religions. There is a whole school theme each term, related the the UN's 17 Sustainability Goals - ways to make our world even better.





Geography is an essential part of the curriculum, it provides a means of exploring, appreciating and understanding the world in which we live and how it has evolved. Geography explores the relationship between the Earth and its people through the study of place, space and environment. It contributes to the cultural, social, spiritual and moral life of children as they acquire knowledge of a range of different cultures and traditions, and learn tolerance and understanding of other people and environments. Geography is the subject in which pupils learn the skills of understanding a locality and how and where people fit into its overall structure. Developing geographical skills is essential as children live in a world that is wide open to them. With opportunities to travel and work in different cities and countries across the world, pupils need to use efficiently maps, charts and other geographical data. The opportunities for the children to carry out geographical enquiry are also of value. Geography enriches other areas of the curriculum such as: English (communication skills), Maths (interpreting data), ICT (direct a programmable toy) and PSHE (empathy with others).