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Our Project-Based Learning Curriculum

Our Project-Based Learning Curriculum


We have worked strategically to provide a project-based creative curriculum where subjects beautifully overlap each term on the journey to a final half termly outcome.  


In Project-Based Learning, our pupils learn by doing, and in addition to learning to National Curriculum content, pupils also learn 21st century skills such as: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, presentation skills, leadership and the ability to use technology safely and productively. We believe these are key to being successful in an ever-changing world.


Projects are relevant to our context and child-led. At the end of each project, we invite our parents to come see what our pupils have created.  We also encourage children to “think outside the box” and share their projects outside of our school, aiming to make a dent in the world.


The lessons on the journey towards the outcome are designed and planned to cover all aspects of the national curriculum whilst at the same time providing a rich, real life learning experience. This way of learning allows our students to develop their own self-confidence and creativity, as well as develop skills that prepare them for a world outside of school.



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