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Physical Health and Wellbeing

Physical Health and Wellbeing


We will be supporting pupils to re-engage with physical health and well being routines as well as learn new routines which will support pupils to keep safe and enable infection control. This will include hand washing, social distancing, understanding of new school routines as well as supporting pupils with their personal care and tolerating differences in these routines such as use of an alternative hygiene room facility or being supported in a different way for eating/ drinking. We will support pupils to understand the importance of physical and mental health, and to be able to recognise when they are feeling unwell. 


What that may look like?

We will be planning in lots of time where children are able to explore and re-investigate their environments to become familiar with what might be different (i.e. one way systems in school, different markings in school, different access to resources in the classroom, some rooms which are closed) and understanding these differences will be supported with social stories, photos and pictures.


Learning in supporting my physical health and well being will focus on managing and coping within new processes keeping safe. This will include:

  • Understanding what is different about school and how to navigate this environment.
  • Hand washing and hygiene measures.
  • Adapting to using areas of the school that may not be usual and being in environment and with staff that are not usual.
  • Keeping and maintaining social distancing.
  • Catch it, kill it, bin it messages.
  • Health and hygiene sessions focusing on washing, being independent and looking after yourself.
  • Mindfulness sessions