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Remote Learning


Why have Remote Learning Projects been created?


Remote Learning Projects have been created because of the school closing due to the Coronavirus outbreak across the UK. Based on this very real and increasing threat a decision was made to pool a our Curriculum experts from across Comber Grove Primary School to write a set of home learning projects which can be completed by your child in the event that schools are closed for a set duration. In creating the Remote Learning Projects we fully acknowledge that they cannot replace the quality of learning your child receives at school however, our complete focus has been on creating a set of projects that all children can access to maximise their learning whilst at home.


There are several ways your child can learn from home.


1. ClassDojo


This is an online platform, which every child in the school has an account. Letters with your parental access code have gone out and a big thank you to those who have already joined!


Teachers will post each day with a range of activities for children to complete either in their Remote Learning Books or submitted online.



Creating a Remote Learning Community with ClassDojo 📚

We're here to support you as you make the transition to a remote learning community ❤️ Visit for a full set of resources. Ch...

2. Times Tables Rockstars and Prodigy Maths


Every child in the school has Times Tables Rockstars and Prodigy Maths account. These are amazing platforms for the children to login and practice essential mathematical skills. These logins will have been sent home with your children's Remote Learning Books.

Prodigy Math - Free Curriculum Aligned Math Program


Times Tables Rock Stars in 3 minutes

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

3. BBC Bitesize 


Launch of BBC Bitesize

The BBC has today launched an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers, helping to keep children learning at home and supporting parents.


What happens if my child finds the learning too difficult?


Our first piece of advice to parents is that ALL children find elements of learning challenging at times so try not to worry if your child becomes stuck and you cannot explain it to them. If this happens then make a note of what they found hard and move onto another learning activity - the school will cover any misconceptions when we return. The Remote Learning Projects which have been designed are based on the National Curriculum expectations for the year group which your child is in. It may be that your child finds the tasks set within the Remote Learning Project for their year group too challenging, for example if they have additional learning needs. If this is the case, then we advise that your child accesses the Learning Projects which are set to the age range below, for example a child in Year 3/4 could attempt the KS1 Learning Project or Year 1 Learning Project, if this is more appropriate for them.