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Sam George

Samantha George


I became a governor at Comber Grove in 2017, after six years working as a teacher in Birmingham and London. I currently work as a Senior Research Associate for a social enterprise which works with schools across England to support them in building skills like communication and leadership in their children. I'm really interested in how we can use data and research to help children get the best education they can, skills I am hoping to bring to my role as a governor at Comber Grove.  


Being a governor is a great way to feel even more of a part of the Camberwell community, where I've lived for the past four years. When I visited Comber Grove for the first time, I was really struck by the warm, caring atmosphere and the talented, dedicated staff. I'm excited to see all the brilliant stuff the school does in the next few years. 


In my spare time, I love live music and comedy, cooking and spending plenty of time outdoors. 


Samantha George