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Secondary School Applications

Secondary School Applications


Here is some information for our Year 6 parents about applying for secondary school


Secondary schools open days and evenings


Due to the current circumstances relating to COVID-19, we haven't published open day/evening dates for schools in Southwark. We strongly advise families to check each school's website for details on how and when they'll be holding their open day/evening, as this may be subject to change at short notice.


Before applying for a secondary school place for your child to start in Year 7 in September 2021, you should research all the schools that you and your child are interested in. You can find more information at the bottom of this page to download.


If you're a Southwark resident, you must apply online for a secondary school place. You can find further information on completing an online school admissions application here:

If you do not live in Southwark, you must complete the admission application for the borough in which you live even if you'd like to apply for a school in Southwark.


When applying for a school place you can express a preference for up to six schools whether they're in Southwark or in another borough. We suggest that you do put down all six choices.



Ability/aptitude admission tests

Due to recent circumstances relating to COVID-19, many schools which test for a child’s ability or aptitude have postponed their admission tests until later in the autumn term. If you're thinking of applying to such schools, you must ensure that you register your child for the ability/aptitude admission test before each school’s published deadline and you must also submit your child’s online admissions application by 31 October 2020. We strongly recommend that families also check each school’s website or contact the school directly for further information about their revised test date and arrangements. The schools affected in this local authority are:


  • Kingsdale Foundation School (aptitude places)
  • The City of London Academy (Southwark) (aptitude places)
  • St Saviour’s & St Olave’s School (ability places)


If you are a Southwark resident, once you receive your child’s ability/aptitude based test results you may make changes to your application preferences (such as to add or remove a selective school). You must notify our school admissions team by email by 10 December 2020. Changes to application preferences after this date will only be considered after the initial offer of places on 1 March 2021. We will similarly accommodate changes to preferences relating to late test results for selective schools in other local authority areas.


If you are not a Southwark resident, you must contact your home local authority should you wish to make changes to your child’s school admissions application after you have received their ability/aptitude based test results.


Submitting your online application

When you've completed your online application, you must submit it by the closing date of 31 October 2020 by 11.59pm.


The online application will not be deemed as on time unless it's submitted by this time and date.

To submit your online application, you must click on the ‘submit application’ button. Once you've submitted your online application, you should receive an email confirming that your application has been submitted successfully alongside a unique application reference number. 


If you do not receive this email and an application reference number it means that your application was not submitted successfully and you must log in and click on the ‘submit application’ button again.


You can find more information here:


If you need any support with applications, or advice on Secondary Schools, please speak to Sarah Wordlaw, Deputy Headteacher, who will be happy to help!