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Respect, Resilience, Reflectiveness, Teamwork and Fairness



Welcome to Comber Grove School…


Comber Grove Primary School has a wonderful, caring and creative tradition. At Comber Grove, we believe that the teaching of music, drama and other creative arts play a vital role in a child’s overall education. Children at Comber have access to a wide variety of activities and interests including the chance to learn a musical instrument as part of our music lessons.  Visiting practitioners are welcome to our school and these include theatre groups, actors, musicians, educational practitioners and sports coaches.  Our classes are named after theatres because we are passionate about creativity and drama.


Our Vision


Our vision is to maintain a school with a culture that encompasses academic and creative excellence. Children, staff and governors are committed to the school ethos, which is built on the principles of learning through a creative curriculum, which encompasses the arts. The school is committed to developing all children’s academic and creative abilities alike. Every child deserves the chance to succeed. Comber Grove gives the pupils of Camberwell the chance to do so.


Our School Values


These values guide us to model our expectations throughout the school community. It drives our model of behaviour and helps us to shape the right decisions for our pupils every day:


Respect, Resilience, Reflectiveness, Teamwork, Fairness


Our aims are:


  • To respect and build strong links with our school community and wider environment
  • To practise and celebrate resilience when working towards academic and creative achievements
  • To show reflectiveness when overcoming problems and difficult situations
  • To celebrate and encourage teamwork because no adult or pupil at Comber Grove should be alone
  • To celebrate fairness which encompasses difference and cultural diversity where all can achieve their potential
  • To provide a healthy learning and working environment which is welcoming, stimulating and nurturing


We look forward to welcoming you to our fabulous school!


Sarah Bowmer









Respect, Resilience, Reflectiveness, Teamwork, Fairness